Danny Sherman

~ Wednesday, October 16 ~

call, listen

There’s a beauty in wearing your heart on your sleeve.
Shaking,sweating, and strangers staring at me while I sing. 
I keep my sorrow wrapped like a warm blanket
but i think these day I’d rather stay outside with you and freeze.

Listen, just stay right here.
I’ve got nothing to say
but I’m nervous and talk too much.
Lets just be clear..
I finally have home for my bed to stay
but for you too much is not enough.

We both know practical never really existed.
I’ve taken comfort in my self pity and
use to welcome it like a long lost friend.
but I’m sick of all my bad friends.
I’m turning my back on all them.

My knees hurt too much to drive.
I’ll sit right here singing with my voice cracking
and tap my feet keeping time.
we both know thats not truth 
so i’ll convince myself this whole idea was mine.

You keep calling
Ill keep listening
just land me on her door step
and i’ll try not to keep complaining.


~ Saturday, July 28 ~

Over thought out and under expressed.

~ Wednesday, May 9 ~

I write all my songs about you.

~ Sunday, April 15 ~

I had my day made but now it’s night time.

~ Saturday, April 14 ~

You always make me feel better when I’m stressed. A phone call would be great…

~ Sunday, April 1 ~

I don’t know whats worse. The fact that you don’t even know I miss you, or that you probably won’t ever know.

~ Thursday, March 29 ~

Just wait until you hear how many songs were inspired by you. Your name can fit perfectly in every one. If you only knew. I’ll never have the courage to put it in any, but the thought is fun. I’m terrified of knowing your honest response, to tell the truth.

~ Friday, March 23 ~
Too excited!!!

Too excited!!!

~ Sunday, March 4 ~

His name is Rudy… I call him Turd.

~ Friday, February 24 ~
Getting pretty excited.

Getting pretty excited.